Next Level group dynamic is awesome. The people that showed up make you want to come back for more! It was a great reminder that Bootcamp doesn’t have to be “sweat and die”. Jen Y. 10/3/17

Just wanted you to know that I joined a gym 🙁here in VA Beach. But really- I miss you guys so much. I didn’t realize how much my 6 PM group meant to me until I didn’t have it! Next Level Fitness changed my life because it changed my perspective. It gave me incentive everyday to try to be my best with my peeps. You should be so proud of what you built. Happy 7th anniversary. I celebrated you Saturday by wearing my t-shirt as I ran. 🏃‍♀️ Keep in touch and tell my 6Pmers I love ’em! Derby B. 4/5/17

I will definitely recommend NLF to any friends who are looking for a fun, energetic workout. Stuart J. 4/1/16

I have had a great time working out with NLF these past few months. It’s such a fun, positive and high energy group and all of the instructors are fun and motivating. I haven’t found any other fitness options that are as fun and engaging as the program you have created. Brett H. 3/31/16

I enjoyed the workout – especially when it was over – it was very intense. I have been training with another fitness group in Richmond for the past 2 months and found your workout much more rigorous. Today I submitted my cancellation to Endorphin and I would like to sign up with NLF taking advantage of the Winter Special. Thanks again for butt-kicking workout! Eric V. 1/2/16

Happy New Year, Barbara and Jorge! Can’t tell you how amazing it is to wake up on New Year’s Day without the usual burden of wondering how on earth I’m going to lose weight and feel better in the new year. This was a surprise bonus this am, and I’m so grateful for Next Level Fitness. Stephanie K – 1/1/16

At my most recent physical, I was told I needed to start meds for diabetes and high cholesterol. I bargained with my doctor to let me try fitness first. He was doubtful, but agreed. With the help of Next Level Fitness I’ve lost over 40 lbs and my lab work is normal without meds. Everyday tasks are much easier, I have more energy to run my business, and (perhaps best of all!) my dog and I have won Masters Titles in agility. Excellent return on investment! I’ve tried many other programs over the years, including other boot camps. This is the first one I’ve continued, and even look forward to. I credit this to the wonderful group – so kind and welcoming. Their encouragement and commitment to fitness have been inspiring. Stephanie K – 11/4/15

Your workouts are exactly what I need to build my upper body and overall endurance. Thank you for welcoming me into your family. Stacy C – 3/20/15

I’m sore and my body a little fatigued but love that my legs were tired on my run this morning but I made it through. I need this kind of workout…haven’t been getting it with the running, biking and swimming! Joy R. – 3/2/15

Just a quick note to say that I was very impressed last night. You do a great job managing so many people and yet are still able to give useful feedback/correction. Peter H. – 1/21/15

Best fitness program ever. Challenging, encouraging, supportive, rewarding. Pam G. – 11/18/14

At my last physical I learned that my resting heart rate was 105 bpm. My doctor recommended exercise but I was having trouble getting motivated because I felt tired all of the time. Since having kids, I gained over 50 pounds and I worried about the stress the extra weight was putting on my heart. In July I signed up to work out with NLF and made the commitment to show up every day, no matter how I felt. I’m glad I did as the changes to my life have been monumental. I feel awake and energetic throughout the day and have been losing and average of 10 pounds per month. In addition, my resting heart rate is now under 70 bpm! April L.- 11/12/14

I’d tried two other bootcamp classes before but NLF was by far my favorite. I love the variety of workouts, the intensity, and all the trainers are tops. If nothing else, I got a little stronger, and stopped smoking. Woo! Kristy H. – 1/22/14

Next Level workouts have done so much for us. I’m in better shape than I was 9 years ago and that is directly attributed to you. The good thing is that you’ve helped build a desire to continue working out (I get grumpy when I have to take time off). Scott B. – 2/24/14

Thank you for helping me achieve my fitness goals. You have helped me drop 20lbs and shrink down two pant sizes. Elaine W. – 10/9/13

For the past 2 and half months I have enjoyed the challenge workouts, great participation of the other members, and especially the Motivational Instructors that brought there ‘A” game each workout. Next Level Fitness has brought the competiveness out of me and triggered my determination to push me to the Next Level. Frank D. – 1/25/13

I definitely like your workouts and they are the most challenging of all the ones I have been to here in Richmond. And, your group has some really great people! Carolyn O. – 8/11/12