The results our participants achieve during our program are measurable!

Stephanie K before and after (June/September 2015)

Stephanie K before and after (June/September 2015)

Stephanie K, seen on the left has lost 40 lbs and states that “everyday tasks are much easier, I have more energy to run my business, and my lab work is normal without meds for diabetes and high cholesterol” (Photos: courtesy of Stewart Event Images)

Our members have different goals and fitness levels. Our goal at NLF is to progressively build up your strength and cardio and guide you towards cleaning up your diet to help you achieve your goal. You will receive constant instructor supervision at the workouts and easy to follow nutritional information. All our instructors are certified by nationally accredited organizations.

Following are the amazing results achieved by participants during a 4 week period: (Click on the image to enlarge it)






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