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Next Level Fitness Fun outdoor boot camp style workouts to tone-up, and improve your cardio-respiratory system. Voted as one of the top 3 Group Fitness programs in Central VA by Virginia Living Magazine in 2013. Our workouts focus on core strengthening and our approach to fitness enables us to keep challenging you as you advance, regardless of your fitness level.

We do not believe that one fitness program fits all and although our workouts are held in a group environment, we provide you with the individual attention you deserve.

Our Workouts

5 Reasons Members Love Our Workouts:

    1. Being OUTSIDE is the common denominator to our members! Getting to know Richmond’s different parks and venues and the ever changing environment is stimulating and there are lots of visual appeal.

    2. Small Groups are a plus for members who benefit from personal attention from instructors. It fosters a sense of community and friendship among participants regardless of fitness level.

    3. Always Different and you will do in 1 hour more than people do in 1 week! We are not limited by 4 walls and the possibilities are endless.

    4. Results! We focus on quality over quantity of exercises. The group support and motivation pushes you to work harder.

    5. Knowledgeable Certified Instructors who know what they are doing and offer a perfect mix of core, strength, cardio and fun.

      Workouts are 1 hour long and are held Monday through Friday with three (3) daily sessions at 5:45 am, 9 am and 6 pm.

      4-week Fitness Challenge

      During this program we will challenge and guide you to a new way of thinking in regard to exercise and healthy eating so that it becomes a constant in your life. We will help you achieve your goals and lead you towards a healthy life style.

      To learn more about the 4-week Fitness Challenge, visit our 4-week Challenge page.

      Our Locations

      We meet at various Richmond City parks such as Bryan Park, Dogwood Dell/Byrd Park and 2nd Street/Belle Isle at 5:45 am, 9 am and 6 pm. As a member you’ll receive a weekly email with the workout schedule and corresponding locations for the upcoming week.

      Your Results

      Do you want to know what members are saying about Next Level Fitness and the results they’ve seen? Visit our testimonials page.

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