4-week Challenge

The 4-week Fitness Challenge will help you jump start your fitness routine and will provide you with a change of pace if you are already involved in fitness but find yourself stuck in a rut.

Our experienced, cordial instructors will motivate and coach you during our group fitness classes to help you achieve your goals. You will find that both our instructors and members are amazing and friendly people who encourage and motivate each other. You don’t have to do it alone, we are here and ready to guide and work out with you!

In addition to our fun group fitness workouts which will tone you up and improve your cardio-respiratory system, we will assist you as you take control of your nutrition and guide you towards healthy eating options to help you clean up your diet and lose weight. Combine these two cornerstones for health and the benefits are REAL and more importantly, they produce results if you do your part and attend workouts and follow the plan. We are committed to help you become fit and healthy, are you? Here is our plan:

Your Schedule

  • Meet for 1-hour group workouts 5 times each week Monday-Friday
    • Workout times: 5:45 am; 9 am or 6 pm in the City/Fan area

Before or at your 1st workout we will discuss:

  • Your life style (daily activities, work, sleeping habit)
  • Eating habits
  • Your goals
  • Body assessment
  • Fitness assessment

Class Schedule & Cost:

  • Classes start the first Monday of each month
  • $150

Ready to Get Started?

Contact us today or sign up now to begin your 4-week Fitness Challenge and achieve your goals.